Whoever coined the term “Life is a journey” made this world a lot more cliched than it already was, but the words could not be more true. Every passing moment is like a trip, every cab ride a bit different than the last, every bus journey feels off key than the last one, every stroll in the park throws up new people or new stories about known faces. Its like one giant wave that we all are surfing, co-passengers and destiny-sharers, running towards the same horizon.
A big part of this life-journey is a hop-skip-jump game that we all play at some point of time. As Mr. Tolkien (adapted) put it ages ago, “The road goes ever on and on, Down from the door where it began, Now far ahead the road has gone, And I must follow, if I can…”, we all move out of our homes – to a new block or to a new city altogether, mixed feelings following our every footstep. But no matter how it begins, as we settle down for the long haul, new corners open up in the new address, favourites develop along frequented paths, watering holes that we keep going back to, weather patterns that align with our moods and days that we look forward to for a merry pastime (can be just sleeping as well!)
Its been 6 years now that I have moved to Bangalore, moving from a 22 year umbilical relationship with my beloved hometown of Kolkata. And nowadays the messy 2BHK apartment feels like a second home to me more than ever, especially when the city’s grey skies keep putting out the summer sun heat. The needle has moved from “I hate this city” to “Hey, whatever it is, its kinda home”. Acceptance and peace.