Never Settle. Sorry One Plus, but the tagline seems so apt.

You are the unsettled one, the one holding a lone drink in an obscure corner of the world. Everything seems to move around you, in different transports of life, yet in their own places. You are the only one who doesn’t have a fixed place except for that one unknown corner. And that is no place to be. There’s no physical address to your existence, you never belong to anyone or anything. You are the hapless yellowed leaf tossed about in the tumults of a raging river. You have never known where you belong, only an elongated trial period of trying to fit in, putting a square block into a round hole. You have failed and you are back in the corner with the drink in hand. Depths of glasses have no eligibility criteria.

“I need someone, to show my place in all of this.” Its not so easy Rey. We are all struggling. We haven’t got out of the corner. You haven’t, and nor will you in the near future.

Never settle. You never will.