Time slides like a child on a muddy slide on one of those rainy days that seem to go on forever. Like 10 times the G force, it whooshes out of your existence to be replaced by a new hour, minute and second, leaving you with the barest of memories of what had transpired in those fleeting moments of sane thoughts. And this keeps happening, ever revolving, like an upturned bicycle, moments after a gaping pothole devours the unknowing rider.

Yet, she still hides in the recesses of my mind. Through multiple trials of sobriety and hedonistic drunken nights, she remains fixed to an obscure part of the brain that kicks me into the same cycle of emotions from time to time. There are successful campaigns in between, when I feel free, like the Seagull in flight over the boundless seas. But proximity and social media is an agent of karma that is loath to leave you be. They always lie hiding, in the dark, ready to pounce after clear days of sunshine.

I am not the only one I guess. These things happen, I am sure, to countless individuals out in the world. I never could fathom the despair they went through before. Now, I am one of them, in a pit that seems to have dropped out for now.

Maybe the change of place will work. Or maybe, this is just another level of despair, waiting to ensnare the dim lights, struggling for survival.