Every now and then, I meet up with my friend Utsab and we both go down a path which partly belongs to nostalgia, partly nonsense and partly new experiences that we share (mostly he is the one who shares them with me since he is the bigger nerd, period!). Small bits of information, stories and songs, articles and archives on the net. We met again tonight with a bottle of whiskey as company and started talking. As usual, it was about life and the larger picture hidden in plain sight, of how history is how we see the past and how it changes all of us without even knowing what actually happened. And then, before passing into talk show videos and stand-up comics, he showed me the video titled “where the hell is matt” on YouTube. Search for it and you will see. The video follows the travels of a man named Matt across the world trying to connect to everyone through a single dance step, a step made famous later by an uber-popular financial firm. What’s more, the background music was a Bengali song, a poem by Rabindranath Tagore. I was blown away and somewhere in my mind I was on a trip with everyone with the world, reaching out to all those people, trying to understand what it is to be like them. In turn, I wanted them to know what I feel, what I am about. Suddenly, the whiskey seemed sour and the spirits free of the induced stupor. The small things that bring us together inspite of seemingly insurmountable differences brought me to a new level of nirvana. I floated away, beyond the makeshift salvation places in the city, to a consciousness far, far away.