The winds are howling outside. So much so that the ceiling fan in my room will start spinning on its own if left switched off. And there’s only one open window in the room. I came back to the city with gusts of winds and rain clouds hanging heavy all day and night, much like the way I left it. Not much can change in the 10/11 days I have been off to the far east. Yet, somewhere in the deeper recesses of conscience, something feels changed. Some connections seem to be altered and put in different places. There’s a sense of wonder and discovery at things I already knew. It feels I have come to visit this place for the first time. The oddities of the daily Indian life which were so familiar seem vile and repugnant in some and blissful in others. Yet I already knew these nuances of my country. It is as if the the laws of science are being re-written in my head. I feel like an outsider to the teeming masses I call my people, an intruder to the halls I call my home and it is unnerving. Cathay Pacific has a tagline which says more you travel the more your mind broadens. Its true. So, maybe the things I knew are still the same, its just that they have shrunk in size with respect to the ever widening expanse of the mind. And hence, a change in perspective on return. Is that a good thing?