When the music stops
When the dialogue ends
There is but a deafening void
A blackness under the red skies
Of people asleep in their death holes
And lessons bound in tomes of nonsense
I would like to wake up
In a city of magic and wonder
Where there will be no ideals
And no soul to follow them to war
The sun will be a different one
And moonlights of innocence
Twilights of unconstrained love
Shimmering as the blue azure of the endless oceans
There is that silence again
Invading into my senses
A quivering thought of fear and loss
Runs naked in the waking hours
These are dangerous hours for us
For when the earth shatters
There will be none but the devil that rises
And heralds the armageddon
On that day there will be no me
And there will be no you
So come let us love through the pains and labours
Dreamers and singers and humans of the world
Let us speak love and let us die
And together beneath the stars we shall lie