And the people will fill the streets of old
Like rain they will crash in torrents upon the ground
Waves upon waves of thundering voices
And infinite whispers of revolution will surround
All will be lost yet regained anew
In the depths of the old will be birth for the light
Not a brick will be left not a stone unturned
No souls forgotten at the end of the night
A thousand masks will join as one
A thousand candles shall burn in the dark
A thousand crescendos will echo in the minds
And a force will rise and find its mark
There will be battles and wars shall be won
The vintage shall be dead and the naive will be crowned
The powers will shift and the baton shall pass
The grief will be less till the years are drowned
And again after decades and centuries of the rebels
When no one is left to remember the heroes and their words
The good shall be bad and the vanquished shall return
For a rise once again, for saving the worlds
And people will sing again the songs of red
Of heartbreak and vengeance and times changing by
And the rulers shall quake once more in fear
And watch their defeat and their dreams shall die
Such is the rule and such is the fight
Within and without, in the world and beyond
We fight to gain what we so easily lose
We cut open all that we strive to bond