The dawn of a new age it seems. People are charged up about a new wave of political awareness. Between a scamster and a rioter we have chosen the latter and it seems to be a decision to celebrate for. To be proud of. Granted the capabilities of the winner, he has the power to sway the opinions, by far I think he is the most powerful PM we have ever had. But that is a bad thing also. There are people who are blinded. The previous set of rulers had to go, no doubt. But they mistake the now for the messiah. That will never be the truth every person craves for or hopes for. In a way, we never try for the truth. We just stick to our beliefs and whenever we have a situation which corroborates our thoughts we say ‘Didnt I say you so?’ We are all passing through a cycle of change and no change. This is how it has happened, and will happen. Its like we live in a matrix, with the architect sitting at the center of it all. So why the battles? Why the bloodshed and the killings? Because we dont understand one simple thing. There is no such thing as a system working against us. We are the system. We are part of it. And there is no one who is screwing us up big time than us ourselves. Do you know what the system is? Its not civilsations, culture, election, economy etc. Its nature. We are part of it. Lets embrace the fact for the day is near when we will witness the hour of reckoning.