Light. Brilliant, unwavering light. No hidden meaning, nothing to decipher. That is what i want now. I feel like Coriolanus now. Never implemented flattery, was true to his own ideals and feelings and showed whatever he felt. The world doesnt run like that, unfortunately. Even for the nearest of people you have to show and make it obvious to be taken seriously. What we mean inside, what we are inside does not matter in the long run. Maybe, some dialogue at some point of time may be so, but its never sustained. You have to be obvious to be understood. Why is that i wonder.


It would have been better to be just me. As i was. Now with or without, none of the paths seem the right one. I am the second best, the one who has to make all the efforts inspite of no faults other than not being able to express properly. Mandir ka ghanta hoon, jab chaho baja lo. I am tired, drained again and again. Yet, this will never stop, not in this lifetime, not in any other.