Every human has expectations in his life. With the smallest of things, with the insignificant of matters. That’s what emotions cause to happen in our hearts. With every step we take we expect something to happen or someone to react in a certain way. And so, everything crashes when it does not happen like that. Either your effort falls short or your emotions run away like a wild horse. In the process, one gets hurt severely. Hurt? What does it mean? I guess, it can’t be defined except just say that its akin to feeling crushed, lifeless.

We shouldn’t expect. If that’s the key word, the key solution that one has to take to avoid these heartbreaks then I have to say, its a damn difficult thing to do. I for one, can’t. Inspite of my experiences I will continue to expect from people around me, close to me. Maybe the list is going shorter day by day. But it will never run out. Or I’ll cease to be. But it does hurt a lot. Numb.