What if two humans embrace each other? Isn’t there a sense of oneness imbibed in each other? Aren’t we all connected to each other through sufferings, pain, joy and happiness? Then why this separation amongst ourselves? Why do we wage wars against each other time and time again? Can these scars ever be healed? What do we all search for? Our answers do not lie in wars. They never can. Then why do we get hypnotized by the sudden rush of bloodlust and plunge into events which take hold of us? Our past is horrifying and I think maybe our future is as horrifying as well. We stand in present times witnessing the simmering darkness underneath a façade of forced calmness. Efforts of reconciliation cannot be successful with our biased approach and shortcomings. Yet, reconciliation is what we seek. Our homes and identities hold us to the ground from where we are born and we keep coming back to these lands, to the past that puts so many scars on our souls each time we look back. Violence breeds violence as one man once said and this violence paves the way for greater acts of inhumanity. Sometimes, I think dead bodies might turn up each time one scrapes the top dust on the ground. Is this reality? Is this our destiny? Is this how we will end? There is a temptation of believing in some divine design and becoming free of the burden. But is there any such thing?

Time cannot heal the scars. But we can choose a path other than that which gave us these scars to begin with.