Life has started to be the cruel taskmaster. For the last two months events have moved at a brisk pace towards an uncertainty that may not have any solution for years to come. There is one absolution though and it has been love rather than other issues, contrary to earlier beliefs. Quite glad about it though. Swiftly life has changed from a stroll in the park to frantic run towards the nearest bus stop. There have been the tests and then some outstanding dues which now require acknowledgements to be settled. And then there were the long sessions of training of the mind and body for the world at large which dragged us from the city to its vassals through half a month. And then came a training of the soul which took us northwards, through rough terrain and dangerous paths to emerge beside the gods. And standing there, above the clouds, 5 of us discovered beauty again after so long a time and each of us, be it the mad max photographer or the New York loving guy, the future manager or the responsible but strict woman or the confused idealist guy, all of us felt a certain calm watching the silent mountains before us. The site was spellbinding and the following descent to the crowd was not entirely to the heart.

A period in our lives were ending and the end was heralded by farewells, bitter ones which we cheerfully endured hoping that they were not so at all and will cease their short term disguise once the year passed and all of us embarked on this new path of life. And we still are dreaming, whether make believe or not is for time to tell…

‘kahaani khatam hai ya shuruat hone ko hai

subah nayi hai yeh ya phir raat hone ko hai

aanewala waqt dega panaahein

ya phirse milenge do raahein

khabar kya…..kya pata…..’