Our love stories didn’t start at first sights followed by a period of courtship. Our love stories don’t have the passionate fizz so common in all the celluloid dreams of beautiful maidens and handsome gentlemen. Our love stories are not dressed up in shining suits and glittering golds amidst a thousand lights of splendour. Instead, our love stories start with fun, with friendship and a thousand little nonsensical things that we share before we clumsily cross over the fact that somewhere somethings have changed. There are inappropriate attempts to ward off loneliness and some time later they are replaced by lilting romanticism on the music speakers. Our love stories are the beginnings of shy and nervous kisses, a sudden search for the touch of the fingers, a little whisper carried over the distances of communication. Our loves are commonplace and true. Our love stories are unforgettable to each one of us and yet they end sometimes, just like on TV. The only time.