I find you shimmering in the dark. Like a beacon of hope amidst the darkness that often surrounds my empty days. The hours are filled with spaces that have nothing in them, just some shadows of possibilities that may have been realized if I had been a little more sensible. And often does it happen that behind these tragic moments of enlightenment, uncountable days slip by unnoticed and unseen. Yet, I see you from time to time and it seems worth the wait in the middle of the accumulated darkness in nowhere land. We are all suspended in space with nothing to hold on to or no ground to stand upon – In limbo.

Sadly, it seems I can never bridge this gap between you and me. I say this not out of much-so-common lethargy that has gripped the greater part of me, but from repeated failures to get closer to you. You are like a picture I can admire anytime I want, yet never reach out beyond the canvas and touch you to be blessed by the absolute truth. And it seems so futile to do so because if ever I can meet you face to face then I believe all my faults and imperfections will be erased and I shall become pure. But then, I will no longer exist as human, will I?