Every now and then I think about Ritadeb. Maybe someday, we will get to know the real him coz I don’t think any of us did. Or else some of us should have expected him to jump. Nobody did. It’s the first time that I was closely involved with a death of a friend. I still can’t believe it sometimes. What happened? Why? How? I keep getting random bits of thought in my head, knocking me saying a hasty hello and then disappearing again. I never thought this would happen. And the emotions that took grasp of me through those few days. Watching, watching, watching. And then pouring water over remnants. Somebody whom I used to see from my childhood days, someone who was a very good friend of mine, someone who once cried in the class in front of everyone and few of us stood up to help him out. And then I stand pouring water over his ashes. There’s a pond in the Garia Mohasoshan where his ashes are floating today. Someday, I will meet him again and I will box his ears and ask how he was doing. Someday, I will be just ash like my dear old friend.