Somethings, sadly change in this world. But, somethings never do. And never does the feeling of contagious happiness change especially on the eve of an evening of lights, an evening of colours and new sounds that wakes up all the suppressed emotions, all the pent up feelings and all the thoughts that just couldn’t make it out on their own. Catalysts anyone? As usual, I woke up late tomorrow. But, why did I say this here? The alarm bell thing again. Never gives up chasing me, or for that matter, us.

The university is in its usual chaotic beauty. The yellow intoxicating domes of light floating above us. Eerie shadows falling across paths and bedis once crowded yet now deserted. Fragmentation is filtering in. But that never stops us from bursting a few crackers and getting a burn or two here and there. I know some people stayed behind on the eve of independence day in the university and hoisted the tricolour early in the morning. Gung ho patriotism. I am listening to rang de basanti right now.

I wont be bursting crackers tomorrow. Or that is today. I will have my camera and try to capture some of this city again as I usually do. This city. This life. So full of kolkata.

I feel an inexpressible sense of euphoria and joy now, right now. And it’s the usual five am in the morning. Who cares? ‘….and it really doesn’t matter that we never sleep….coz we r so young so young….’

I still have got that feeling of going away, explore the world on foot.

‘…hae kon sudoor/ sei sopnopur….